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Quantum Consciousness (Public Draft) 2021

The Quantum universe affected by observation, or potentially more accurately; choice. Time seems to be an important part in how we percieve this.

Choice As Bits:


Choice can be seen in the same dynamic as data samplerate. This choice, the next choice, seqential moments. This is digital, breaking reality down into moments.


It's also analogue, fluid and made up of different processes that lead to individual choices. For example, I like Yellow. This process isn't a choice so much as a meta-choice, or a process of choices. It creates a flow of yellow through every bit of choice. 


It's both. 


Spiritual & Political Dynamic of Choice:

When a change in the spiritual cascades into the mental/rational, it meets with the context of our existing ideas and experiences, we then have to deliver it into the physical, acting on it. This means that our current choices are linked to our past ones, as well as to our perception of our future ones. This is all simultaneous, happening at the same time. 


Hence the power of saying a name, and speaking words. The difference between choosing unconsiously and making that choice with authority. 

Words are a symbolic data layer that is a proxy for actions. In the same way writing is a proxy of speech. So therefore laws, and coding, as a virtualisation of ideas, also is imbued with the same power. The difference between speaking words automatically based on reactive past programming, or consciously using language to create a better world...

The critical thing I think with dualism is that its a dynamic which creates separation in it's current popular form:


'Red or blue?' 

'Well, I like colours.'

You can see how this meta-answer rises above the logic trap set by conventional reasoning. What this is really saying is;

'I like Red and Blue, for what each of them are. For without both of them, we would only have green. Why have to choose between one or another? Why put me in a box of the creation of your logic? I mean it's a nice invitation but here's an introduction to quantum-logic where we don't need walls where we are going!'

(You can see the abuse of this kind of authority used by the responses of corrupt politicians who will say anything other than what the journalist has asked them, in order to maintain control. They do it without humour, without honesty and without transparency. Like trying to maintain that they are a particle and not part of anyone's wave. Apart from maybe the red one, or the blue one. A quantum contruct in a box, so to speak.) 

Popular apathy, and not-choice, and technology:

Apathy is an interesting thing. What do we do when work is not essential. When we have maximised all our simultaneous choices. Tinder is the perfect example of this. So many people I know who lived through the Tinder era have now got 'choice fatigue'. Having access to all possible choices simultaneously is exhausting. You can see why marrying and staying married is a more efficient use of time and resources, or should I say choices. 


With all possible choices simultanously , we experience the wearyness of God, but If experienced without authority, it results in a desire to not choose, in part due to the fear of 'wrong' choices by ones own retrospective metric. Hence the popular counterculture rise of asexualism, and lucifarianism (self as God). It's a protest against choosing, a flipside of this desire to have everything now. 

Even Russel Brand's exhortations for young people to not vote around 2012 seem in line with this desire for meta-change.

'We can-

not choose'


So to speak. 


We are all feeling the same thing at the same time, coming from similar pasts and heading to similar futures. 

Quantum Choices & Technology:

Technology allows our choice horizons to spread further into the future and the past. Facebook memories. Instagram futures. This has lead to a rise of choice paralysis, either dwelling in the past of fanasising about the future for many people. This is the unconsious way that most people use it, consuming content. Those who use it consiously to interact with people to create actual futures and view the past in a healthy way, generally have a healthy relationship with the present, and their choices in the present. 

With the rise of Alexa and Google Home, we are entering into an age where we have access to any information in the present. This means studying for years to obtain a professionalised language set becomes irrelevant, based instead on accumulated knowledge and experience of applying it. Our ability to make informed choices is getting denser, so to speak. The density of information over time begins to increase until it transcends time. Maybe quantum computing will allow this. Each human limited to 90 years of time travel, knowing everything... or is it just another limitation.

How will we deal with censorship of a quantum search engine? Knowing everything simultaneously is equally empowering as it could be dangerous...

Until we figure this out we should probably let God be God, and technology be technology. I think there is a great danger that we sell our spiritual inheritance for our technological tower of babel, ignoring how we can each tune into God through Christ and hear for ourselves context specfic information that results in better decision making (aka Prophecy in biblical language; or knowledge that transcends time). We need to use 

technology with the kind of conscious decision making that means we are not ruled by it; becoming encased in virtual worlds with limited options. 

New Dualism archive of papers here:

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